About Me

Who is Daniel Mac Sweeney?

Hello, I am Daniel Mac Sweeney. I am the CEO of, you guessed it DanielMacSweeney.com, where I talk about many things, mostly about the structure of business mindset, success, failure, building communities and brands, starting out online and social networks.

I am also a CEO of Financial Freedom Forever, where mentors such as myself help people grow their business mindset and aim for better things for their future.
We have a saying about who we are, we are the “#1 Facebook Community for Entrepreneurs who strive for success”.

I am also the owner and developer of ConsumerWear.com an Online Shop selling the best weird and unusual things online. I set up ConsumerWear during the second half of 2018 as a side project on Shopify.

Please check out The Path To Freedom, my newest book, which shares how to grow a community on Facebook who will purchase anything from you. This book is all about how you can grow a community from 0 to thousands within a month and become the influencer. The tips and strategies in The Path To Freedom have already changed my life, and I hope the same for you. Click here for full details. You can also Join my community (If you haven’t already, totally free).

I have also wrote two eBooks on HowToStartDomaining where I have a short eBook that new domainers can Learn about Domaining, from buying the right kind of name, to watching Domain Sales and loads More with The Complete Step-By-Step Domaining Tutorial for Beginners.
and the another one DomainResourceGuide

I also created and developed an App for Google Play and iTunes called DaftRun – The Sports Finder. It was a way for sports people (especially runners) be able to upload, find and join events from all around the world.
I am doing a huge redevelopment and re-brand of DaftRun at the moment and it will launch when it’s ready.

My Media Appearances

Recently, I have been featured in the following articles:

The Expat Money Show Podcast, with Mikkel Thorup

Inc.com – Why Daymond John Literally Sleeps With His List of Goals 


My Content

When I was young, I was always asked to fix the likes of the tv or even some relatives computer when it crashed broke, but most recently, I’ve been asked by friends and family to help them out with hosting and also to help them build a website with WordPress. So I’ve decided to take action and own it by helping others, like you, by becoming your, “Online Guru”.

In saying that, I write on the website about web development, how to guides, domaining, productivity and how to succeed in online business with Facebook marketing and a lot more. I will also from time to time be talking about things that don’t apply to any of the above. You can find out more on my Start Here page.

My Ultimate goal is to create meaningful content so that you can learn how to create and build your own online space. I will also share with you tools that will help you build and grow a raving audience. If you are sick of being a worker ant, then this is the blog for you.

I typically Blog, Vlog, Instagram, Tweet, and post everyday of the week, sometimes more haha. To make sure you don’t miss my newest post, you can subscribe via e-mail. It’s quick, easy, and you can unsubscribe at any time.

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My Biography

I am Self-thought. I honed my skills on online business over the last 4 years.
I first got into the internet business when I worked as a cold caller for a Seo & website company Icu2.com.au when I lived in Australia.

After a few months back home In Ireland, I came up with the Idea for an App to help people list, find and join running events around the world. DaftRun – The Sports Finder, an App I designed, got developed and released onto the App Store.

I got involved with Domain names in 2015 a year after I created DaftRun. Since then I’ve bought and sold domains, creating a nice pocket money income. Of the Domains I haven’t sold, I still get offers into the thousands monthly.

My Family

I have been married to my wife, Sinéad (follow her on Instagram @TheCakeWizard, she makes amazing cakes) since January 2016. We have only 1 daughter, who is a teenager. We live outside of Killarney, Co Kerry, Ireland.

My Contact Information

When I’m not doing all this online stuff, I enjoy running. I have finished 2 Adventure race, 1 half Marathons, 3 Full Marathons and did Half of an Ultra which was around 104 kilometres, as I injured myself and could not run any further. I also read a lot and I enjoy listening to influential podcasts about building websites, business, and comedy.

You can contact me via e-mail or DM me on TwitterInstagram or Facebook.

My Last Thoughts

Thank you first of all for reading this far, you must be really interested in making the move to online business. The first step for me was buying a domain name, that’s where you should start also. I highly recommend buying a domain name from GoDaddy.com. They provide great value and very good friendly service. And if you click the GD link you can get a domain for as little as $.99, which is an exclusive Daniel Mac Sweeney deal!

The next thing is to figure out where you want to get attention. You don’t need hosting, blogs or websites anymore, all you need to do is figure out which network that you are good at.
Focus on that and you can make money doing just about anything.

If you want to learn more, join my mentoring and I will show you how to grow a community on Facebook. That way you’ll be able to connect and sell something to thousands of like-minded people.