6 Steps on how to quit working forever and retire

I’ve been working ever since I’ve left school at the age of 17.


I’ve had lots of different types of jobs, ranging from painter, shopkeeper, cinema projectionist, flower delivery man, coke rep, cold caller, fruit picker, labourer, deli assistant and factory worker.


WOW, that’s a lot of jobs.


But If there’s one thing I’ve learned from working in all these jobs, is that I was only a number.


My job could be gone in the morning and with no job, no money.
If that had happened to me, I’d be broke, homeless and depressed.


Now that’s not a good life to live… is it?


Stressed, worried and countless mornings waking up, to go to a go to a place to make someone else rich.
Same process every day,
no future,
no life…


Forget that!


I’m not alive to be slaving away to make someone else rich, I can be one of the 1% if I try hard enough!

And you can too.


What if I told you, that you can make more money in one day than you’d make in a whole week?


Would that be something you like to know how to do?


It’s said that there are 13,000 new Millionaires created in the world each day.

What says you can’t be one of these people. What says that you don’t have the ability…

I know I do and I know you do too.


Do you want to know the secret?

There is none!


All it takes is hard work, the information is there for the taking online.


But sometimes you do need to know the Path To take.
The step by step guide…


If you want this, I want you to say out loud,



Then and only then, you can succeed, because if you don’t believe in yourself no one else will…


Right, awesome, I knew you’d believe…


The steps are pretty simple to do really.
There are 5 things you need that you can take you to the next level today & become financially free forever.



Step 1.

Signup to your FREE 14 day trial of ClickFunnels
Get your trial —> DanielMacSweeney.com/ClickFunnelsTrial


ClickFunnels is the most awesome Funnel Builder that you’ll ever use, FULL STOP!

ClickFunnels let’s you build landing pages so that you can lead people through a sales funnel process to get them to buy stuff from you.

So far since Click Funnels has launched, it has created hundreds of millionaires and thousands of thousandaires.

The amount of lives this company has and is changing for the better is just incredible.


Step 2.

Get your FREE copy of The Expert Secrets Book.

Get the Expert Secrets book —> DanielMacSweeney.com/ExpertSecretsBook

Russell Brunson’s latest book on how to position yourself as an expert in your industry and sell anything to your audience.
This book is FREE from Russell, all you have to do is pay for the shipping to receive it.


Step 3.

Watch my Webinar on how to Build a community of like minded people for FREE —> DanielMacSweeney.com/FacebookWebinar


I Want To Show You
The Exact Steps I Took To Create A Community Of Like-Minded & Dedicated Fans From 0 to 2,000+ Members.

Watch my live Webinar and position yourself as an Influencer in any niche with my Free FB Growth Training.


Step 4.

Schedule your 15 minute Mentoring Call with me Daniel Mac Sweeney —> Calendly.com/daft_planet


Schedule a call with me after you’ve completed steps 1-3 to discuss your business, what products to sell and how to piece everything together to go through your funnel.

I can go through these steps with you in detail.

You’ll also have access to my private community of like-minded people who strive for success.


Step 5.

Sign up for the Affiliate Bootcamp for FREE —> DanielMacSweeney.com/AffiliateBootcamp


Join “The Affiliate Bootcamp” and learn all about how to sell using Click Funnels. This 100 Day Affiliate Bootcamp shows you how, with just one hour per day how you can retire and have enough residual income.


Step 6.

Last step and most important.
No links this time.


Be Motivated, be Honest and be Yourself.


When you do these three things, people will be attracted to you making you into the “Attractive Character.”
This way people will trust, believe and buy anything from you…


Thank you so much for reading, I hope this helps you on your path to freedom…


Daniel Mac Sweeney


P.S. — If you have a friend that wants to start online, whether it’s building a website or investing in domains, last, add them to the group, where we are, FinancialFreedomForever.org

#1 Facebook Group for Entrepreneurs who Strive for Success…



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Hope you enjoyed my post.



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