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Sunday the 25th March to the 1st of April 2018


Hi All!


I hope you’ve all been having a great week.


This is something I’m going to be sharing with you each week, on a Sunday.


What I’m up to, on what motivates me, and things I am enjoying,
I hope you enjoy


Here’s your weekly dose of “Weekly 5.”


In case you’ve missed it


“Life is good,
life is great,
life is the only thing that matters,
without one you’re screwed.”


I’ve been hearing and reading a lot about people complaining that their life is hard and tough, they whine and moan that they don’t have any opportunities where they’re from. That they’ve no money to start or to do anything to level up…


Excuses excuses guys…, just because you might think you have it hard, you don’t!



If you have the ability to message and ask from others, you have the ability to improve your situation.
There are many others who don’t have what you have, they are the ones that need the help!

Not you…!


Can you believe that I made $20 this week just by retweeting someone on twitter.
Ya, that simple!
It was to earn Crypto which I can convert and withdraw via a bank anytime I want, but at the moment I won’t because I’m going to leave it there to grow and I don’t need it right now.


It’s that simple to earn and make money online.
But what happens is that most people, they “THINK” it’s too complicated.

It’s not!

There are so many different options that you can take.


If you have the ability to ask for money online, you have the ability to learn the process on how to make it.


The answers are given to you are all free. The only thing you need to do is put in the god dam work!

Search for the answers online and learn!
YouTube have the answers, Podcasts can advise you on what steps to take and if you listen to what people that have made it say, they can educate you on the easiest methods.


Stop complaining and get on with it!



What I’m doing at the moment


I’m actually building a funnel with Click Funnels at the moment and I’m really excited about this one as I’ve had an Ah Ha moment this week for it.

I realized what I was good at and started figuring out how to 10x it.

Building a community…

( Get Your Free Trial With Click Funnels )…



I am good at growing a communities and recently I started wandering away from it.
I started focusing way too much on the golden object (again).
So, this week I went back to basics and created a small funnel to test and it worked wonderfully, but it still needs a few tweaks before I launch it.


When I realized what was missing and how my funnel could pay for itself to make a profit, I began to design it out on paper.

Today Monday the 2nd of April, I’ve just finished it and it’s an absolute masterpiece.


This funnel, that I’ve designed will be able to grow communities on automation for any niche, I mean ANY NICHE…


I’m going doing a few videos for it during the week and then I’ll be looking for one or two businesses to test it on, to prove it works.


I’m so excited and I believe this is my

“One Funnel”.


Let’s do this!



One of the top or most interesting posts of the week


This is a post I personally shared during the week.


“A few years ago I used to search the internet all the time on how to make money.


The searching got a bit complex from there, I started searching more specific keyword. It was then I search how to double $1000 or $5000, I’d find hundreds of posts that usually told me on how to invest the money and wait many years until I made a profit.


As I am a person of the 1980s, I was raised in a world of impatience. I didn’t want to be waiting years for a return on my investment, I wanted it now.


I’ve learned a few cool things over the years, not just how to double the big money and wait, but on how small money is easy to double or triple very fast, like even in a matter of mins but more Likely a few hours.


Learn to be patient
I told you that I grew up in a fast-paced world and more than likely most of you did too. Now I’m going to tell you to do quiet the opposite.


Slow down, take a breath and learn to watch what’s going on.


Making a quick buck is simple and here is one example what you can do.






A tip or advice from an Influencer


I heard something Grant Cardone said once. That when he started on Facebook and Twitter he was only posting one or twice a day and emailing his fanbase once or twice a month.



He even got messages that he was posting way… too much, that they were sick to death of reading his posts. Grant’s Marketing staff were telling him that they need to slow it down because they were losing followers.


Grant slept on it and woke up the next morning with a eureka moment. He went to his marketing staff and said to them, “let’s do what I am good at, let’s 10x everything.”


Instead of posting once or twice a day, Grant changed his strategy. He now posted twice an hour, 24/7. Now instead of losing followers he gained more than he lost.

The eureka moment that Grant had and the reason why his followers grew instead of declined is because he realized that with even with these people complaining, they started to see Grant. They started to interact and comment on his posts. He had some haters who complained about him to their audience which gave him free publicity.


No one knew who he was when he posted twice a day, but when he started posting twice an hour 24/7, that all changed. Now, we all know who Grant Cardone is…



Quote I’m pondering


“Busy is always a good thing. It’s a helluva lot better than the alternative of being unemployed, which I sadly was at 23” – Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock




And as always, please let me know your requests and suggestions in the comments. Which “Weekly5” above is your favourite? What do you want more or less of? Let me know! Just comment below and #Weekly5 in there, so I can find them easily.


Thanks for reading! Have a wonderful week, you guys are Awesome 😎.


Daniel Mac Sweeney


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